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Chemistry Tuition

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Sophia Education provide both small group chemistry tuition and 1-1 chemistry tuition. With our chemistry tuition, our students received measurable results and confidence from highly effective chemistry tuition lessons.

Chemistry Tuition Centre
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1000+ Good Reviews from Parents & Students
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14 days Money-Back Guarantee
(1st Lesson Unsatisfaction Policy)
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10+ Years of Experience

Our Chemistry Tuition Really Brings Solid Results

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Sophia Education
Sophia Education
How To Do Well For H2 Physics

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HIghly Selected Experienced Top Tutor

Our tutors are highly selected with rigorous entry exams and consistent training to ensure the best quality. Our tutors are equipped with strong academic background, expertise skills in teaching and motivated personality to help the students improve grades within shorted period. Our lessons are also very small group with very personalized attention and strong admin support for support your child's learning almost 24/7. 

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Primary School Tuition

Top 4 Benefits Your Child Will Receive

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Improve by at least 2 Grades in just 12 Weeks

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Homework help available at any time

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Improve student’s ability to understand their lessons in school

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Boost of confidence and gain the motivation to study

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tuition centre in singapore


Introduction to Sophia Education's Chemistry Tuition

The chemistry tuition industry in Singapore is thriving, with many chemistry tutors offering their chemistry tuition services across the island. Sophia Education provides the best tuition services for JC Students and well as for Secondary Level students ranging from H2 stream, H3, H1, A-Levels, O-levels, Pure Chemistry or Combined.

Sophia Education provides only the Best and Most Qualified Tutors in Singapore, guaranteeing our students at least 2 grades improving in just 12 weeks

Sophia Education
tuition centre in singapore

Sophia Education: Top Notch JC Chemistry Tuition Centre in Singapore

Chemistry Tuition Centre

The Struggle of A Level Chemistry

JC Chemistry, let alone H2 Chemistry, has got to be one of the hardest subjects a student can take in the A level exams.

The subject boasts an extensive Chemistry Syllabus: From topics like Organic Chemistry, Mole and others which require both intense memorisation and application skills, to nerve-wrecking Exam components like the Practical Assessment.

Students’ struggle to nab decent grades for A Level Chemistry, however, doesn’t just end at its killer syllabus. They must also face nation-wide competition with the many other JC students taking H2 Chemistry.

This is due to the fact that H2 Chemistry is often a pre-requisite into many University courses like Medicine, Engineering, Nursing and etc.

With fierce subject competition and so many difficult but key concepts to learn, it is no wonder so many JC students turn to Chemistry tuition in Singapore to boost up their grades.

Chemistry Tuition Centre

What Makes Our JC Chemistry Tuition in Singapore So Different, But So Good?

We have multiple branches across Singapore like in Bukit Timah and Dhoby Ghaut and every single Sophia Education tuition centre has continued to have substantial success. This can be attributed to the innovative form of tuition lessons that have differentiated us from our competitors.

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Singapore’s Only A Level Chemistry Tuition With ‘Personalised Tuition’

In our chemistry tuition classes, we believe that every student has different learning needs that the chemistry tutors must aim to meet.

We have therefore conceptualised Singapore’s first-ever ‘Personalised Tuition’ – specialised tuition plans that are customised to help students understand the subject in a way that is unique to their needs.

This ‘Personalised Tuition’ involves several in-depth processes and systems: An automated email-form system that enquires on students’ learning needs that week, proactive lesson planning for each student by their chemistry teacher and the administrative staff of each tuition centre, as well as consistent communication with parents on the students’ progress. Students and parents may reach out and contact us to ask questions at any time as we’re open for long hours each day.

They may also drop by at any of our location and take a look at our lessons and classes. You can find out more about what makes Sophia Education the most popular and upcoming tuition centre in Singapore through our other article here.

Chemistry Tuition Centre

What Else Do Sophia Education’s JC Chemistry Tuition Classes Have to Offer?

Aside from our unique way of conducting tuition classes, we affirm that Sophia Education provides amongst the best chemistry tuition in Singapore for all levels whether your child is Sec 3, jc a level, or from any academy due to the various perks our tuition centres possess.

With skilled ex-MOE Chemistry teacher(s) and tutors, thorough and concise notes, convenient tuition centre locations, your choice of class size, and many more; Sophia Education tuition centres have it all!

our tutors

Experienced, Dedicated Ex-Moe H1/H2 Chemistry Teacher(s) and Chemistry Tutor(s)

With a rigorous hiring process that selects only the best chemistry tuition teachers, you can be rest assured that you or your child is receiving the most quality education at our tuition centre(s). Every chemistry teacher under Sophia Education is highly qualified, boasting about 7-20 years of teaching experience each.

Some are even ex-MOE teachers who make excellent JC Chemistry tuition teachers due to their vast knowledge of the A Level Chemistry syllabus, thereby allowing them to provide the best tips and tricks to tackle the daunting A Level Chemistry exams. All of our JC chemistry tuition teachers are well-equipped with the skills and tact to instill in students a strong foundation in chemistry, and help students understand the key concepts of the subject.

Most importantly, however, our JC Chemistry tuition teachers possess the biggest hearts for teaching. Every students deserves a dedicated tutor, and like all others tutors at Sophia Education, our JC Chemistry tutors always goes the extra mile to help students improve. Through their teaching, our JC Chemistry tuition teachers aim to help students to achieve academic excellence.

Chemistry Tuition Centre

Choose Your Preferred Class Size

If you’re in need of serious academic help in the form of JC chemistry tuition, it is best to find a learning environment that works best for you.

Some students require the privacy and the full-attention of one chemistry tutor, whereas other students may benefit greatly from small classes where they are able to engage with and learn from their fellow peers.

Here at Sophia Education, we recognise students have these different preferences and needs when its comes to class size. We therefore provide the option of both 1-to-1 private JC chemistry tuition classes with our tutors, as well as a small class size with no more than 6 students in order to ensure the tutor is able to dedicate enough time to individually help students.

So go ahead choose the class size that works for you!

Chemistry Tuition Centre

Choice of Online Lessons or Physical Classes

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, our tuition classes have recently experienced shifts to and from physical classes and online lessons. While we are now able to resume physical classes, a huge portion of our students have actually opted to continue on with their online lessons.

Regardless of students’ choice to go online or physical, students can be assured that the quality of teaching on either medium is of top quality. In fact, we might even argue that we have cracked the code on making online tuition lessons as effective as physical ones.

Whether you want the real-life engagement and interaction, or the convenience and comfort of doing online lessons at home, Sophia Education’s JC Chemistry tuition classes offer the freedom of both.

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Discouraged by your weak foundation and fearful of poor grades for your H2 Chemistry exams? Looking for a JC Chemistry tuition in Singapore that’s guaranteed to go the extra mile to help every student improve?

Well, Sophia Education is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Sign up for any of our JC Chemistry tuition classes and start your first trial lesson today!

Our Chemistry Tuition

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H2 Chemistry Tuition

Sophia Education’s H2 Chemistry Tuition is available for all JC Students. Whether you’re a fresh JC student or preparing for your final exam, or Chemistry Top Tutors has got you

Chemistry Tuition Centre

IP Chemistry Tuition

Sophia Education’s IP Chemistry Tuition is specially curated for IP Students taking Chemistry as one of their subjects.

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Sec Chemistry Tuition (O-Level Chemistry Tuition)

Sophia Education’s Secondary Chemistry Tuition is for all Secondary Level Students taking Pure Chemistry in School.

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Science Chemistry Tuition (Combined Science)

Sophia Education’s Secondary Chemistry (Combined) Tuition is for all Secondary Level Combined Science Students who would like to focus more on the Chemistry Subject

Chemical Balance – General Chemistry Note paragraph 13 covers 19 pages in length (pages 13-1 to 13-19) and covers the following lectures / textbooks you need to know:

Section 13 – Chemical balance

13-1 – Equilibrium
Dynamic equilibrium
প্রকাশ Express balance
Equilibrium constant (K)
অবস্থান Balance position
13-4 – Equilibrium involving gas
13-5 – Heterogeneous balance

13-6 – Application of equilibrium constant
The scope of a response
আকার The size of the balance constant
ভাগ Reaction quotient (Q)
· Question vs. Who
13-9 – Calculate the balance density

ICE method (“initial, change, balance”)
13-13 – Calculate the pressure of balance
13-14 – System with small balance constant
করা Estimate for equilibrium density
13-15 – The element that controls the position of the balance

Le Chatelier’s policy
13-16 – Effect of change of concentration on balance
13-17 – Effect of pressure change on balance
জন Addition / removal of gaseous reactants and products

Addition of an inert gas
Changing the volume of the reaction vessel
13-19 – Effect of temperature change on equilibrium
Le Chatelier’s policy
Endothermic conditions vs. exothermic conditions

Category 3 – Stereochemistry of Alkene and Cycloalcans: 3-D Structure of Molecules

3-1 – Stereochemistry
3-1 – Formation of Alkenes
Sigma (σ) rotating around the bond
Structural isomers
· Ethane conformer (immovable vs. eclipse)

3-2 – Newman projection
Dehedral angle (6)
· Stagnation vs. Eclipse
শক্তি Energy figures for similar Newman projections
ম্যান Newman projection for butane – Gauche conformer and anti conformer
স্ট Sterile interaction between transplants
· Preferred Combination of N-Alkens (All-Opposite)

3-4 – Alkenes durability
· Enthalpis (ΔH), heat of combustion (ΔHcomb) and heat of formation (ΔHf)
· Branched alkenes (relative b.p.’s, m.p.’s, and ΔHf values)
3-5 – Cycloalken stability
Cyclopropane, cyclobutane and cyclopentane
Angle Strain (Planarism vs. Non-Planarity)

3-7 – Cycloalcine Three different sources of strain
Angle strain, sterile strain, and torsional strain

3-8 – See details of cyclohexane stereochemistry
· Chair confirmation
Axial H’s and Equatorial H’s
Newman projection of cyclohexane
িং Ring-flip in chair confirmation
Psycho-substituted cyclohexane

· 1,3-Diaxial interaction
Substituted cyclohexane (CIS vs. TRANS)
3-11 – Take a closer look at the cyclohexane ring-flip
· “Twist-Boat” Intermediate

3-12 – Cyclic compounds
Bicycle [l.m.n] Alkans
The general structure of bridge carbon and cyclic compounds
3-13 – Steroid skeletal structure
· Always trans
চেয়ার Chair confirmation for steroid molecules

SECTION 8 – Chemical Bonding

8.1 — Types of Chemical Bonds
· Ionic Bonds vs. Covalent Bonds
· Bond Energy
· Coulomb’s Law
· Bond Length
· The Potential Energy Diagram for Hydrogen
8-2 — Electronegativity Trends
· Bond Polarity
· Dipole Moment

8-4 — Overall Polarity and Dipole Moments
8-6 — Ions: Electron Configurations and Relative Sizes
8-8 — Formation of Binary Ionic Compounds
· Ionic Bonds
· Lattice Energy
8-9 — Energies Contained in Various Covalent Bonds
· Bond Dissociation Energies (BDE)
· Bond Energies of Multiple Bonds
8-10 — Calculating the Enthalpy Change from Bond Energies
· Calculating the Enthalpy Change from Standard Enthalpies of Formation

8-12 — Electron Dot Notation
· The Octet Rule
· Non-Bonding Electrons (Lone Pairs of Electrons)
8-13 — Lewis Structures
· Exceptions to the Octet Rule
· Expanded Octets
8-14 — Rules for Drawing Lewis Structures
· Drawing Lewis Structures of Molecules
8-21 — Drawing Lewis Structures of Ions

8-22 — Resonance Structures
· Nonequivalent resonance structures
· Formal Charges
8-24 — Molecular Structure and Molecular Geometry
· VSEPR Theory (Valence Shell Electron-Pair Repulsion)
· Linear Geometry
· Trigonal Planar Geometry
· Tetrahedral Geometry
· Trigonal Pyramidal Geometry
· Bent Geometry
· Trigonal Bipyramidal Geometry
· Octahedral Geometry
· Square Planar Geometry

9-1 — Hybridization
· Hybrid Orbitals
· Types of Hybridization
· The Localized Electron Model
9-2 — sp3 Hybridization
· Effective Pairs
9-3 — sp2 Hybridization
· Sigma Bonds
· Pi Bonds
9-4 — sp Hybridization
9-5 — dsp3 Hybridization
9-6 — d2sp3 Hybridization

9-9 — The Molecular Orbital Model
· Types of Molecular Orbitals
· Bonding Molecular Orbitals (MO’s)
· Antibonding Molecular Orbitals (*MO’s)
· Molecular Orbital Energy Diagrams
9-10 — Bond Order
· Bond Strength
9-12 — Bonding in Homonuclear Diatomic Molecules
· Paramagnetic vs. Diamagnetic
· P-S Mixing in Diatomic Molecules
· Molecular Electron Configurations
9-15 — Bonding in Heteronuclear Diatomic Molecules and Ions
· P-S Mixing Always Observed

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 Due to tuition sign-ups every day, do keep in mind that we only can provide the availabilities of the tuition slots for the current 1-2 weeks and can't guarantee availability if do not reserve same day

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