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Sophia Education Tuition Fee​

Small Group (only 1-6 Students per lesson) Lessons Tuition Fees

Sophia Education provides small group lessons, perfectly blending personalized attention with a collaborative learning environment for various educational levels. Below are our fee structures, both pre and post the 9% GST implementation (effective from 1st January 2024), rounded to the nearest dollar:

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Sophia Education's Comprehensive Billing and Registration Policies

Transparent and Inclusive Fee Structure

At Sophia Education, our listed fee is all-encompassing, covering all necessary materials and instruction without any hidden costs. This includes the application of GST. We do not require any additional fees for materials or deposits, ensuring a straightforward and transparent pricing structure.

Billing Cycle and Invoice System

  • 4-Week Billing Cycle: Our billing is conducted on a 4-week cycle basis, rather than monthly. Invoices are auto-generated every 4 weeks.

  • Extra Lessons: If extra lessons are added within a 4-week cycle, these additional charges will be included in your next billing cycle. For example, if your regular fee is SGD 400 per 4 weeks and you take an additional lesson, your next invoice will be SGD 500 (SGD 400 + SGD 100 for the extra lesson).

  • Missed Lessons: Conversely, if you miss a lesson due to valid reasons, this will be reflected as a credit in your next billing cycle. For instance, missing one lesson will lead to a positive balance of SGD 100, making your next invoice SGD 300 (SGD 400 – SGD 100 credit).

Registration and Special Offers

  • New Student Registration Fee: A one-time fee of SGD 30 is applied for new students enrolling in their first subject. This fee is non-refundable.

  • Second Subject Enrollment: Current students enrolling in a second subject will receive one free lesson credit, added to their account after the completion of the 4th lesson of the new subject.

  • Sibling Enrollment: For current students’ siblings enrolling at Sophia Education, one free lesson credit will be added to their account after the completion of their 4th lesson. This offer is applicable to one subject only.

Payment Instructions

For payments made online or via PayNow, please ensure to include the student’s full name and Invoice Number. Email the screenshot of the payment transaction to or send it via WhatsApp to 8875 0044. Our administrative team will promptly confirm your payment.

Your Feedback is Valuable

We always welcome feedback about our lessons and the performance of our tutors. Please feel free to share your child’s progress and any suggestions to enhance their learning experience with us. Your support and input are greatly appreciated!

Important Notice

  • Our comprehensive fee, calculated for 4 two-hour lessons per cycle, covers all necessary materials without any hidden charges. Billing is conducted on the first of every 4 or 16 lessons, based on your selected schedule.
  • GST Update: A Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 9% will be applied to all fees at Sophia Education starting from 1st January 2024.
  • Please note, given the high demand, our slots are quickly filled or reserved. To ensure we meet your scheduling needs, we advise securing your preferred time by reserving on the same day. We can guarantee slot availability for the forthcoming 1-2 weeks.

Sophia Education’s Commitment and Policies

  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We are committed to your satisfaction. If you find the first lesson unsatisfactory, you have the option to change your tutor at no extra cost or request a refund for any unused fees.
  • Registration Fee: A one-time net registration fee of SGD 40 is applicable for new students enrolling in their first subject. This fee is non-refundable.
  • Small Group Assurance: Our lessons are intentionally limited to 1-4 students to maintain an intimate and productive learning environment. Regardless of the number of students in a session, the fee remains consistent.
  • Personalized Educational Approach: Our experienced tutors provide individualized attention to each student. This approach allows for tailored guidance based on each student’s current academic standing and specific learning needs.
  • Continuous Parental Engagement: After every session, our tutors will share detailed feedback on your child’s progress, covering the content learned and offering suggestions for consistent improvement. We value and encourage active parental involvement to foster a collaborative educational experience.

Additional Resources and Information

Disclaimer: Fees are subject to change. Please refer to our website or contact us for the most current information.

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Sophia Education Tuition Fee Q&A

Dear parent, for easy recording,tuition fee is paid on the first of every 4 lessons. Should you wish to stop after 1st lesson, any unused tuition fee will be refunded within 3 working days without any questions asked. Each of our lessons are absolutely beneficial and useful. We don’t provide free lesson. Because we believe in our quality, that’s why we have stop anytime policy. Thanks.

Almost all other tuition centers charge parents by term basis, parents need to pay one shot 12 lessons or even 18 lessons (4 plus months!!)+various tuition fee deposit, tuition admin fee and tuition material fee.

Beside that, they don’t refund any unused tuition fee even your child dislike the tuition lessons and wish to stop earlier. They use this way to ensure the students still attend lessons even the students don’t feel their lessons valuable anymore. These modes are very unfair for parents/students. We believe in using the quality of our lessons and our premium service to win the students/parents.

That’s why tutors with us are highly filtered and qualified with strong responsibility on every student and every single lesson. The reason is very easy, if they don’t perform well for even just 1 single lesson, parents and students might report to us and we will change to other tutor 🙂 😀

Payment Methods:
(1) cheque (payable to Sophia Edu Pte Ltd) to do so at least 2 days before the original scheduled lesson slot.
(2) Bank transfer to
OCBC: 6878 4262 5001.
(3) PayNow: UEN 201901354D

Listed Fee Covers Everything ( w/GST), No Materials Fee, No Deposit.

Our billing/invoice system is every 4 weeks per cycle. (Not monthly basis). Invoice will be auto generated every 4 weeks. During the 4 weeks cycle, if you have extra lessons added, this extra charge/fee will added to your next cycle. (eg, your fee per 4 lessons/4 weeks is $400, if you have 1 extra lesson during the cycle, then your balance will be negative $100 by end of this cycle and next invoice will be $100+$400=$500 (extra charge added $100 will appear under the “Charges). Similarly, if you missed one lesson due to valid reasons, your balance will be positive $100 by the end of this cycle and the next invoice will be $400-$100=$300 (credit bring forward $100 will appear under the “Payments”) .

Registration Fee: $30 applied to new student who sign up their 1st subject. (Non-Refundable)

Current Student Sign Up their 2nd Subject: One free lesson credit will be added to your account after 4th lesson (2nd subject) has completed.

Current Student’s siblings Sign Up: One free lesson credit will be added to your account after the 4th lesson has completed. This only applies to one subject.

If you made the payment online or via PayNow, please attach the student’s full name and Invoice Number and email the screenshot of the payment transaction via Email or Whatsapp to 8875 0044, our admin will respond to you immediately.

It’s always our pleasure to receive feedback about our lessons and performance of our tutors. Feel free to share with us your child’s progress as well as anything which you feel is necessary to improve your child’s learning experience with us. Appreciate your support all the time!

Our Lessons Are In Small Groups With Tutoring Basis. Before Every Lesson, Students Will Need To Update Tutor His/her Learning Progress In School And Study Needs, Our Tutors Will Customize Notes And Worksheets For Each Students.

During The Lessons, Students Will Get Summarized Teaching And Practice Customized Worksheets To Solidify Their Learning.  All Questions Each Student Have Problems With Will Be Cleared During Individual Consultation. 

Our Tutors Are Trained To Tutor Students In Small Groups. With Many Years Of Experience In Teaching Students From Different Backgrounds And Various Study Needs, Our Tutors Know The Best Learning And Teaching Techniques Which Maximizes Each Student’s Potential And Learning Speed.

They Are Able To Explain Difficult And Abstract Questions With Crystal Clear And Down-To-Earth Explanations. Most Importantly, Our Tutors Know That The Best Way To Learn Is To Give The Students The Correct Instructions And Let The Students Work Out The Correct Solutions Independently.

Over The Years, We’ve Come To Understand That Pushing A Child Too Hard Can Be Dangerous, And Can Hinder Their Progression Even Further. There Is No Need To Force Students To Get An “A” Grade Immediately. Success Takes Time, And Every Student Is Different.

Some Learn Faster Than Others, And That’s Not To Say That One Student Is Better Than The Other. The Goal Is To Reach The Same Target – A Good Grade – No Matter How Long It Takes. It’s Not A Matter Of Catching Up; It’s About Getting Better And Better, Day By Day. 

Yes. 98% Of Our Students Saw An Improvement Of About 1-3 Grades Within Just 12 Weeks. We Begin By Analysing Your Child’s Unique Personal Problems So That We Would Be Able to Customize A Tailored Plan Of Action Accordingly.

Yes! They May Ask Any Questions, At Any Time, For Any Reason. Our Teachers Are Prepared For This, And Will Be Pleased To Demystify Any Queries Your Child May Have. Your Child’s Understanding Of The Topic At Hand Is The Most Important Factor, At The End Of The Day.

“Better Late Than Never!” It’s Never Too Late To Discover What Is Holding Your Child Back, Where They Need To Be, And What It Will Take To Get Them There. No Bad Grade Is Unsalvageable. We’re Here To Prove It. Please Sign Up As Soon As Possible, Rather Than Wait For The Last Minute Before Exams.

To Ensure That Students’ Stay Consistent In Their Learning And Produce Best Possible Results, They Will Generally Be Given a 2-Hour Workload Homework Per Week. 

Yes, Students Can Apply A ‘Lesson Slot Change’ If They Have Informed the Centre At Least 48 Hours Before Their Original Slot/Date.

All Fee Payments Are Due At The Start Of Each Set Of 4 X Lessons. 

Students Can Request To Stop and request for a refund if they are unsatisfied with their first lesson. You will be required to inform the centre at least 48hrs in advance before your original scheduled lesson slot.

While We Do Not Offer Free Trials, We Do Promise A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Should You Be Unsatisfied With Your First Lesson, You May Request to Cancel Your Child’s Remaining Services At Least 48 Hours Before Your Next Original Lesson Slot And Receive A Refund. 

Be Sure To Pack A Bag Including Their Calculator, Stationaries (Pens, Pencils, Sharpener Etc.) As Well As Their Worksheets And Relevant Books If They Have Questions To Ask From Them.

(1) cash

(2) Cheque (payable to Sophia Edu Pte. Ltd)  to do so

at least 48hrs before the original scheduled lesson slot.

(3) bank transfer to OCBC: 6878 4262 5001.

(4) PayNow

PayNow UEN: 201901354D

Account: 6878 4262 5001

Sophia Education Has A 99.8% Satisfaction Rate, And Our Track Record Speaks For Itself. However, Should You And/Or Your Child Be Unsatisfied With Our Teaching Methods After Your First Lesson For Any Reason, You Can Request For A Refund At Least 2 Days Before Your Next Original Lesson Slot

The Majority Of Our Students Are Introduced To Sophia Education Through Referral/Word Of Mouth. We Are Always Thrilled To See Just How Many Parents And Students Enjoy Great Success As A Result Of Our Classes. We Pride Ourselves On Offering Positive Learning Experiences, Equipping Children With The Confidence They Need To Improve Their Grades In Record Time.

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