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Early ideas about the Big Bang theory

The features of the solutions obtained according to Friedmann’s model are that the distance between two galaxies must have been zero at some point tens of thousands of millions of years ago. At that time in what we call the Big Bang, the density of the universe and the curvature of space-time were infinite. This means that the general theory of relativity, on the basis of which Friedmann’s solution is based, has taken a point in the universe.

Most of the formulas of our science are found to be smooth and fairly flat in space-time. So these formulas will be useless where the big bang, the absolute point and the curvature of space-time are infinite. This means that if an event occurs before the Big Bang, no one should use that event, because the Big Bang will make it unnecessary. That being said, if we were to find out what happened during the Big Bang, it would not be right for us to determine what happened before the Big Bang.

As far as possible we can say cautiously – no pre-Big Bang event has any effect on the model of the universe. So we can omit these things in determining the model of the universe and it can be said that the beginning of time is also the beginning of the Big Bang.

Many people do not like the idea that there is a beginning of time. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. (Although the Catholic Church officially agreed with the Big Bang in 1951, it at first glanced at this theory). There was more initiative here to reject the Big Bang, the proposal that got the most support was – “Steady State”.

The origin of the Big Bang

It was presented in 1948 by Harmon Bungee and Thomas Gould, two Nazi refugees from Nazi-occupied Austria, along with Fred Howell of Britain, who worked on the road development during the war. The idea was that as galaxies moved away from each other, new galaxies were formed from new objects in the space between them, and this was a continuous process.

According to this stable state theory, it is necessary to change the general theory of relativity in order to establish the creation of new objects continuously. But the rate of this creation is so low-catching, one particle per cubic kilometer per year that does not deviate from the experiment. This theory is like a scientific theory in the sense that it is very simple and gives rise to a certain concept which can be observed. One of the ideas of this theory is that when we look at the universe, the number of galaxies or the number of objects less mass will always be the same in a certain volume.

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