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Literature Notes

Literature Notes

Master Literature with our Easy Literature notes and Learning Materials

Sophia Education’s has Literature notes prepared for JC students as well as our Secondary Level students. Practice and learn how to approach literature readings and questions easily, these are supported by learning material, numerous references to famous literature works.

The contents of literature notes were carefully chosen so that students can learn efficiently and score well in literature papers or tests. Literature notes consist of short summaries and explanations which were designed according to JC and Secondary Level syllabus requirements, thus facilitating students’ effort to understand the whole paragraphs.

Idea About Friedman Model
The general theory of relativity is very complex to determine and explain how the universe began over time. So Ni presents two very simple ideas – the universe we see along the aisle seems to be the same and it will be true no matter where we observe the universe from. According to the general theory of relativity, Friedman states that it would not be right for us to think of the universe as stable. In fact, just a few years before Edwin Hubble’s discovery in 1922, Friedman had an idea exactly what Hubble had discovered.

The idea that the universe would look the same along each axis is not entirely correct. Our galaxy’s light, for example, differs from other stars. But if we look at a distant galaxy, there are more or less. This reading is the same along each axis. So the hubby would look roughly the same along every axis in a comparative observation of the distances of galaxies.

The concepts of time were fairly general about the universe. But a beautiful divine discovery tells us that Friedman‘s ideas were right about our universe. In 1975, Suzanne, an American physicist, discovered a very small wave-sensitive detector working in the Bell Laboratory of Arlo Penzias and Wilson, New Jersey, to communicate with orbiting satellites. They become anxious. Read when you see their detector showing some unnecessary error (noise) that seems to be coming from a certain nick or area.

The noise was much higher when the detector was sent directly, but when it was seen at the right angle, the orbit became wider.

The Theory About Friedman model
The Theory About Friedman model
History About Friedman Model
The extra density of the detector is equal to that of the detector, so they are coming from somewhere outside. It does not affect the rotation of the earth on its own axis and its travel around the sun during the day and night, but also the same sound or noise. This makes it clear that the radiation came from outside our solar system, if it did not, it would be different along with different directions.

In fact, we know that this radiation travels far beyond our visible universe. Since these seem to us to be the same even in different directions, the heat will be the same for every different nick. We know that no more than one-thousandth of this noise or word difference is observed. So Polias and Wilson unknowingly stepped in by the idea of ​​Uttmen.

Around the same time, two American physicists, Bob Fine and Jimmy Peebles, who lived near Princeton University, expressed interest in working with Tiny. They acted on Gamo’s suggestion – this George Gamo was a student of Alexander Friedman. The subject of their research was that the universe was very hot at first and Dhanpur white glow. The boss argues that these can still be seen because the light from far away in space has only now reached us.

However, the expansion of the universe means that this light seems to deviate from the red. Selling small waves. Just after the publication of Opibus’s work, Penzias and Wilson realize that they have already discovered it. For this, Pelagius Wilson received the Nobel Prize in 1986, which is sad for Dick-Pebloom.
Now, on the basis of these data at first glance, it can be said that the universe looks the same along any axis which carries a special indication that our position is special in this universe. To be sure, since all the galaxies are moving away from us, we are observing that we must be at the center of the universe.

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