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Science Tuition in Singapore

Sophia Science Tuition offers expert guidance for students up to N & 0 level English. Improve your grades with a former JC & NIE lecturer in Singapore!

Science tuition, science tuition Singapore, science tuition in Singapore

Science tuition Singapore,  Sophia Science Tuition offers expert guidance for students up to N & 0 level English. Improve your grades with a former JC & NIE lecturer in science tuition in Singapore.

tuition centre in singapore
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tuition centre in singapore
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tuition centre in singapore
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chemistry tuition, chemistry tuition a levels, chemistry tuition jc
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YearsExcellence lowres
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tuition Centre
chemistry tuition, chemistry tuition a levels, chemistry tuition jc

Science tuition, science tuition Singapore, science tuition in Singapore

Science tuition Singapore,  Sophia Science Tuition offers expert guidance for students up to N & 0 level English. Improve your grades with a former JC & NIE lecturer in science tuition in Singapore.

chemistry tuition, chemistry tuition a levels, chemistry tuition jc
chemistry tuition, chemistry tuition a levels, chemistry tuition jc
tuition centre in singapore
tuition centre in singapore
tuition centre in singapore
Science Tuition

Science tuition, science tuition Singapore, science tuition in Singapore

Science tuition Singapore,  Sophia Science Tuition offers expert guidance for students up to N & 0 level English. Improve your grades with a former JC & NIE lecturer in science tuition in Singapore.

Hi Ms. Cheng this is Praba’s mom, Praba scored A for both maths and Chemistry. Thank you for the support over the past 2 years

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Praba's Mum Parent

Niranjan did well for his recent biology exam. We would like to thank Ms Wong for his achievement as he got a C which was an improvement from an E grade. Grateful to her.

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Mrs Suseela Parent

Good news is Eilis has managed to pull her grades up this time after your coaching, and she got an A this time for her WA2. Thank you very much for helping her.

tuition centre in singapore
Mrs Eng Parent
Primary School Tuition
tuition centre in singapore
tuition Centre
tuition centre in singapore
Chemistry Tuition
Singapore Maths Tuition

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tuition centre in singapore

Science tuition, science tuition Singapore, science tuition in Singapore

Science tuition Singapore,  Sophia Science Tuition offers expert guidance for students up to N & 0 level English. Improve your grades with a former JC & NIE lecturer in science tuition in Singapore.

Chemistry Tuition

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Chemistry Tuition

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Learn with Sophia Education tuition centre Singapore. Our tutors provide Science Tuition as well as Chemistry Tuition, Physics Tuition and Biology Tuition. The lesson types available are Small Group Tuition or 1-to-1 Tuition. 

Paper 1

1. Several statements may be presented in questions of any topic. Students should select the appropriate statements by reading through each carefully and marking each, ‘true’, ‘false’, or ‘not able to tell’.

2. Questions that include microscopic or illustrated images with parts that students must label generally feature under the topic of Cells. Students may also be required to identify the type of cell, parts of the cell, or functions of the parts.

Paper 2

1. Students should ensure that their answer for each part in a question is consistent with other parts.

  • Part a is generally a recall question, i.e. a ‘state’ or ‘define’ question.

  • Middle parts of a question generally involve interpretation of information given and analysis using students’ pre-existing knowledge, i.e. ‘explain’, and sometimes, ‘compare’.

  • A ‘suggest’ or ‘predict’ part may appear in the final part of a question, requiring students to apply their knowledge to explain non-textbook or unfamiliar scenarios.

2. The common mistakes include giving incomplete answers, not making comparisons, missing keywords, not answering in context of question, no reference to experimental results, and carelessness. Students should be aware of these common mistakes and check their answers to avoid making these mistakes during examinations.


Paper 1

1. Students can start the paper from the front (experimental chemistry questions, moving onto the particulate nature of matter, and then onto mole concept); or from the back (organic chemistry questions), depending on which topics they are stronger in. However, students are advised not to start the paper from the middle as these questions often include multiple topics that will throw you off your momentum.

2. Data and graphical analysis questions test students’ ability to process data in the questions or options and link these data to the concepts learnt. Common topics include Rate of Reaction, Acids and Bases, Chemical Bonding and Air.

Paper 2

1. Questions will involve a novel set-up or application that will require students to apply what they have learnt. Additional information may be provided by the question if advanced concepts are bring introduced. These questions may tend to be very long because a lot of information and/or data is provided, therefore it is important for you to highlight crucial information.

2. For data analysis questions, graphs may be provided. Students should first identify the independent and dependent variables, and the aim of the experiment. Their answers should relate to the experimental set-up and provide the trends, results or observations from the experimental set-up.


Paper 1

1. Common mistakes include not converting quantities to the appropriate units before performing calculations and incorrect concepts. Students should be aware of these common mistakes and check their answers to avoid making these mistakes during examinations.

Paper 2

1. Answers to ‘explain’ questions require the application of scientific concepts to the observations.

2. Answers to ‘using information from …, explain/determine …’ questions require students to use the information given to solve, rather than apply conceptual knowledge.

For students who require extra assistance and wants a boost in their grades, Sophia Education provides highly personalized tuition to cater to each individual’s learning needs. We guarantee at least 2 grades improvement in just 12 weeks!

At Sophia Education, we provide Personalised Tuition that caters to Parents and Students needs in learning biology. We also teach other subjects like Math tuition, general paper tuition (gp tuition), economic tuition, english tuition and many more. We provide services that are more efficient than having private tuition or home tutors.

What Makes Sophia Education the Best Science Tuition in Singapore

The Science tuition industry in Singapore has been growing rapidly with the demand for better education and more requirements from parents. This surge in the number of tuition centers resulted in tough competition among them, forcing companies to be on their toes and seek new ways to differentiate themselves from each other. This competitive market forces tuition centre owners and tutors to find innovative ways and continually develop themselves.

This is where Sophia Education’s comes in. Since its inauguration to the industry, they have been taking one-step and steadily growing to become one of the science tuition centers around Singapore. This article will explore what makes them different from the rest and how they could build such a strong and loyal customer base and maintain it for so long.

1) High-Quality Service

Many learning institutions or companies intend to provide quality education to students in Singapore, both local and international. However, due to their limitations in size, most could not provide a personalized touch for each student. This is where Sophia Education shines; they provide high-quality service at an affordable price without compromising the quality.

Sophia Education has provided 1-2-1 tuition since their starting days, which other tuition centers are unable to do. This enables them to focus on specific areas that students want to improve and build their knowledge base in these topics. The advantage of this is that the learning experience is more targeted, and students can learn faster.

2) Innovative Teaching Methods

Classes in Sophia Education use an innovative teaching approach to help students remember concepts better and better understand the topics taught. Initially, they adopted the Singaporean primary school science method, where students are given opportunities to express their thoughts and show their understanding of the topic. The student would be allowed to present what they know, guided by their science tutors, who would point out areas that students are weak in and need improving on.

This approach has gone down well with parents as it enables students to remember science concepts better because they actively participate in class discussions. This is opposed to conventional physics tuition, secondary science tuition & chemistry tuition center. Students are given worksheets to complete during the whole class session, where they are required to do most of the learning by themselves.

3) Expert Tutors

Sophia Education is built on a foundation of well-trained tutors who can provide quality education to their students. They offer training workshops and seminars for their tutors regularly to better their teaching skills and techniques.

This training enables them to help students learn better as they constantly develop themselves and stay abreast with the industry’s latest trends and developments.

4) Industry Exposure

Sophia Education is constantly exposed to industry trends, methodologies, and new teaching techniques through various platforms. They can stay up-to-date with the latest happenings because they frequently attend seminars, workshops, or other educational events within their vicinity.

This allows them to provide students with the most effective learning methods to excel in their studies. Sophia Education is featured on various platforms, including Channel NewAsia, Today, The Straits Time, Popular, and SPH.

5) High Customer Satisfaction

Sophia Education is known for its high customer satisfaction. This has enabled them to build a loyal client base over the years. They are rewarded with returning customers time after time because of their strong work ethic and focus on providing quality service. It also helps that they provide a reasonable price for their classes and have a variety of class packages to meet the demand from students.

6) Authentic Reviews

Sophia Education is known for its quality classes and high customer satisfaction. This often results in students leaving authentic reviews on various sites. This allows potential new customers to read the experiences of others before making their decision to enroll in classes with them.

7) Free analysis of your child’s performance

If you are worried about your child’s performance in his or her exams, you can approach Sophia Education for a free analysis of the papers. You can submit your child paper, and we will identify the areas that your child is weak in. This will help you to understand where you need to improve. Please only submit a single PDF file of all papers rather than multiple photos. Our current students all submitted their preliminary to point out their areas of need, and we gave them advice on how to improve.

8) Get Instant Assistance by WhatsApp

We completely comprehend that students have questions that need to be asked outside of class, and our tutors are eager and prompt to help via WhatsApp anytime. Students are welcome to ask questions outside of the scheduled class times. These questions are super helpful for our tutors, but this little assistance might encourage the students to study harder and keep going for another few hours.

9) Refund Flexibility

Sophia Education allows students to enjoy refund flexibility; they can request refunds even after the class has begun. This gives parents peace of mind if their child is unhappy with their tuition group or needs additional support to transfer to another tuition center without any problems.

You can receive a refund with no obligation within seven days from the date of enrollment. This period is given, so you have ample time to get to know your tuition group and see if it’s suitable for you or not.

10) Cohesive Teaching Group & Flexible Timings

Sophia science edventure education center has a large pool of talented tutors, which allows them to provide classes from specific tuition groups to students with different abilities. They have a holistic teaching approach that allows them to target weaknesses in their students to improve.

This is done by providing classes based on the educational level of their students, helping each excel in their respective class without being held back by others. Sophia Education offers flexible timing for online classes, so parents have more time to plan their schedules.

This enables parents to work around classes and get the most out of each session without worrying about conflicts in schedules at different times.

11) Testimonials

Sophia Education prides itself on the support it can provide students. They have a large pool of graduate students who are willing to share their stories and experiences with future parents. This allows them to get an insight into how it is like for seniors before joining themselves.

This gives parents peace of mind because they know what to expect and enjoy seeing how their tuition group has matured and their seniors.

12) One-To-One tuition

Sophia Education offers one-to-one tuition for students who need that extra boost in their studies. This allows them to excel faster and develop confidence when handling certain subjects. This type of tuition is especially useful for slow learners, Advanced Placement (AP) level students, or those who are unable to keep up with their peers.

13) Class Size & Mixing Ability

Sophia Education has a small class size of about 2-6 students per class. This allows them to provide more attention for each student, so they are not left behind. This allows more interaction between tutors and primary school students, which isn’t possible in larger classes.

14) Learning Material

Sophia Education prides itself on the resources and materials available for students to use. They have a wide range of books, multimedia resources, and lesson-based activities for secondary school students to enjoy. This allows them to build interest in science tuition classes to stay focused throughout their entire tuition lessons without being bored or bored. The learning environment and material help tutors to plan their science tuition lessons and teach according to the students’ ability.

15) Free 15 Minute Consultation

Sophia Education offers a free 15-minute consultation with parents to determine their child’s aims and aspirations. This allows them to assess where the child is currently at in their studies and areas they need help with before providing any additional classes.

This allows parents to understand each other more personally, which helps them bond with their primary science tuition group. This also allows them to take the necessary steps in providing the best care for their child without wasting time or money.

Final Thoughts

Sophia Education is definitely a tuition company that stands out from the crowd with its impressive list of services and resources available for students. They provide quality education and character-building services such as counseling and extracurricular activities to help students build their interests.

They are always available for parents who need additional help with their children and will go the extra mile to ensure they receive the best possible education. This is evident in having so many testimonials from satisfied parents because of their constant support, allowing them to grow faster.

If you are looking for a science tuition center in Singapore that can provide quality service while helping your child excel, then Sophia Education is the place for you.

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