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Free O-Level Exam Papers

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Primary 6 Exam papers

Sophia Education’s Primary 6 exam papers are an excellent resource for revising and enhancing your understanding of various subjects. These papers, modeled after official examination papers, help you become familiar with the format and style of the exams. They cover a broad range of topics, enabling you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. By working through these papers, you can focus your revision more effectively, increasing your chances of success in the examination.

Secondary 4 Exam Papers

Sophia Education’s Secondary 4 O-Level Practice Exam Papers are a great way to revise and improve your subjects. The papers are based on the official examination papers and will help you to familiarize yourself with the format and style of the examination. In addition, the papers cover a wide range of topics, allowing you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. By working through the papers, you will be able to focus your revision more effectively and improve your chances of success in the examination.


2020 A-Math Exam

2019 A-Math Exam

2018 A-Math Exam

2017 A-Math Exam

2016 A-Math Exam

2015 A-Math Exam

2014 A-Math Exam

2013 A-Math Exam

2012 A-Math Exam

2011 A-Math Exam


2020 E-Math Exam

2019 E-Math Exam

2018 E-Math Exam

2017 E-Math Exam

2016 E-Math Exam

2015 E-Math Exam

2014 E-Math Exam

2013 E-Math Exam

2012 E-Math Exam

2011 E-Math Exam

Pure Biology

2020 Pure Biology Exam

2019 Pure Biology Exam

2018 Pure Biology Exam

2017 Pure Biology Exam

2016 Pure Biology Exam

2015 Pure Biology Exam

2014 Pure Biology Exam

2013 Pure Biology Exam

2012 Pure Biology Exam

Pure Physics

2020 Pure Physics Exam

2019 Pure Physics Exam

2018 Pure Physics Exam

2017 Pure Physics Exam

2016 Pure Physics Exam

2015 Pure Physics Exam

2014 Pure Physics Exam

2013 Pure Physics Exam

2012 Pure Physics Exam

2011 Pure Physics Exam

Pure Chemistry

2020 Pure Chemistry Exam

2019 Pure Chemistry Exam

2018 Pure Chemistry Exam

2017 Pure Chemistry Exam

2016 Pure ChemistryExam

2015 Pure Chemistry Exam

2014 Pure Chemistry Exam

2013 Pure Chemistry Exam

2012 Pure Chemistry Exam

Comb. Science Physics

2017 Comb. Physics Exam

2016 Comb. Physics Exam

2015 Comb. Physics Exam

2014 Comb. Physics Exam

2013 Comb. Physics Exam

2012 Comb. Physics Exam

2011 Comb. Physics Exam

2010 Comb. Physics Exam

2009 Comb. Physics Exam

2008 Comb. Physics Exam

Comb. Science Chemistry

2017 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2016 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2015 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2014 Comb. ChemistryExam

2013 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2012 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2011 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2010 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2009 Comb. Chemistry Exam

2008 Comb. Chemistry Exam

Comb. Science Biology

2019 Comb. Biology Exam

2018 Comb. Biology Exam

2017 Comb. Biology Exam

2016 Comb. Biology Exam

2015 Comb. Biology Exam

2014 Comb. BiologyExam

2013 Comb. Biology Exam

2012 Comb. Biology Exam

2011 Comb. Biology Exam

2010 Comb. Biology Exam




English Specimen Exam 1

English Specimen Exam 2

English Specimen Exam 3

English Specimen Exam 4

English Specimen Exam 5

English Specimen Exam 6


Secondary 4 Prelim Papers

If you’re a Sec 4 student preparing for the O-Levels, Sophia Education’s Secondary 4 Prelim Practice Papers are a great way to revise and improve your subjects. The papers cover a wide range of topics and are available for all major subjects, including Maths, Biology, Chemistry, English and many more. Best of all, they’re based on the most recent O-Level syllabus, so you can be sure you’re revising the most up-to-date material. Using practice papers is one of the best ways to prepare for your exams, so make sure you grab a set today!


2020 ADSS Prelim

2020 AGS Prelim

2020 BGSS Prelim

2020 BPGHS Prelim

2020 CCHS Prelim

2020 CHIJ Prelim

2020 HIHS Prelim

2020 HSS Prelim

2020 HYSS Prelim

2020 JSS Prelim

2020 MGS Prelim

2020 MSS Prelim

2020 NHHS Prelim

2019 AHS Prelim

2019 FMS Prelim

2019 GDLSS Prelim

2019 NHHS Prelim

2019 PCSS Prelim

2019 SASS Prelim

2019 WSSS Prelim


2020 ADSS Prelim

2020 AHS Prelim

2020 BGSS Prelim

2020 BPGHS Prelim

2020 CCHMS Prelim

2020 CHIJ Prelim

2020 HGSS Prelim

2020 MGS Prelim

2020 NYGH Prelim

2020 PCSS Prelim

2020 QTSS Prelim

2020 SMSS Prelim

2020 ST Prelim

2019 BSS Prelim

2019 BWSS Prelim

2019 CHIJ STC Prelim

2019 FMS Prelim

2019 HGVSS Prelim

2019 WSSS Prelim

2019 YYSS Prelim

Pure Biology

2019 AES Biology Prelim

2019 Bartley Biology Prelim

2019 Bendemeer Biology Prelim

2019 Broadwick Biology Prelim

2019 CCK Biology Prelim

2019 DHS Biology Prelim

2019 JVS Biology Prelim

2019 Mayflower Biology Prelim

2019 PSS Biology Prelim

2019 QSS Biology Prelim

2019 USS Biology Prelim

2019 ZHS Biology Prelim

2018 AISS Biology Prelim

2018 CHS Biology Prelim

2018 Dunearn Biology Prelim

2018 FHS Biology Prelim

2018 GMS Biology Prelim

2018 JSS Biology Prelim

2018 KCPSS Biology Prelim

2018 PRCS Biology Prelim

2018 WSS Biology Prelim

2018 ZHS Biology Prelim

Pure Physics

2020 CCSS Physics Prelim

2020 CGS Physics Prelim

2020 NCHS Physics Prelim

2020 PHS Physics Prelim

2020 PLMGS Physics Prelim

2020 SCGS Physics Prelim

2020 TKGS Physics Prelim

2019 AMSS Physics Prelim

2019 BDSS Physics Prelim

2019 BSS Physics Prelim

2019 CHIJSNGS Physics Prelim

2019 DHS Physics Prelim

2019 MGS Physics Prelim

2019 NVSS Physics Prelim

2019 SCGS Physics Prelim

2019 TKGS Physics Prelim

2019 USS Physics Prelim

2019 WSS Physics Prelim

Pure Chemistry

2019 AES Chemistry Prelim

2019 CCKS Chemistry Prelim

2019 FSS Chemistry Prelim

2019 GMSS Chemistry Prelim

2019 MFSS Chemistry Prelim

2019 QTSS Chemistry Prelim

2019 SKSS Chemistry Prelim

2019 TWSS Chemistry Prelim

2019 USS Chemistry Prelim

2019 YSS Chemistry Prelim

2018 BBSS Chemistry Prelim

2018 BSS CHemistry Prelim

2018 GMSS Chemistry Prelim

2018 JWSS Chemistry Prelim

2018 SKSS Chemistry Prelim

2017 IJ Katong Prelim

2017 IJ St Nicholas Prelim

2017 IJ St Theresa’s Prelim

2017 Geylang Prelims

2017 Methodist Girls Prelims

2017 Nanyang Girls Prelims

2017 St Joseph Prelims

2017 TKGS Prelims

2017 Xinmin Prelims

2017 Zhonghua Prelims

Comb. Science Physics

2018 Assumption English Prelim

2018 Chung Cheng Prelim

2018 Kranji Prelims

2018 Maris Stella Prelims

2018 North Vista Prelims

2018 Pasir Ris Prelims

2018 Queensway Prelims

2018 West Spring Prelims

2018 Yuan Ching Prelims

2017 Bartley Prelims

2017 Bedok South Prelims

2017 Bendemeer Prelims

2017 Chong Boon Prelims 

2017 Fuhua Prelims

2017 Geylang Methodist Prelims

2017 Mayflower Prelims

2017 Queenstown Prelims

2017 Yuying Prelims

2017 Zhonghua Prelims

Comb. Science Chemistry

2017 Canberra Sec Prelim

2017 CHIJ Katong Prelim

2017 Evergreen Sec Prelim

2017 Fuchun Sec Prelim

2017 Fuhua Sec Prelim

2017 Geylang Methodist Prelim

2017 Greenridge Prelim

2017 Maris Stella Prelim

2017 St Hilda Prelim

2017 Xinmin Prelim

Comb. Science Biology

2018 ASSH Biology Prelim

2018 BSS Biology Prelim

2018 FSS Biology Prelim

2018 GMS Biology Prelim

2018 KSS Biology Prelim

2018 NVS Biology Prelim

2018 RSS Biology Prelim

2018 CHIJ Biology Prelim

2018 WSS Biology Prelim




English Exam Practice 1

English Exam Practice 2

English Exam Practice 3

English Exam Practice 4

English Exam Practice 5

English Exam Practice 6

English Exam Practice 7

English Exam Practice 8

English Exam Practice 9

English Exam Practice 10


Secondary 3 Exam Papers


2017 Ahmad Ibrahim E-Math SA1

2017 Bedok North E-Math SA1

2017 Geylang Methodist E-Math SA1

2017 Meridian Sec E-Math SA1

2017 Nan Hua E-Math SA1

2017 North Vista Sec E-Math SA1

2017 St Joseph E-Math SA1

2017 Beatty Sec E-Math SA2

2017 Bendemeer Sec E-Math SA2

2017 Dunearn Sec E-Math SA2

2017 Mayflower Sec E-Math SA2

2017 Nan Hua E-Math SA2

2017 St Gabriel E-Math SA2

2017 Yuhua E-Math SA2


2020 ACS A-Math Exam Paper

2020 Bendemeer Sec A-Math Exam Paper

2020 Bukit Batok A-Math Exam Paper

2020 Bukit Merah A-Math Exam Paper

2020 CHIJ A-Math Exam Paper

2020 Kranji Sec A-Math Exam Paper

2020 Marsiling Sec A-Math Exam Paper

2020 St Gabriel A-Math Exam Paper

2017 CHIJ St Theresa A-Math SA1

2017 Chung Cheng Sec A-Math SA1

2017 Nan Hua A-Math SA1

2017 SST A-Math SA1

2017 St Andrews A-Math SA1

2017 Broadwick A-Math SA2

2017 Junyuan A-Math SA2

2017 Mayflower A-Math SA2

2017 New Town A-Math SA2

2017 Swiss Cottage A-Math SA2

Comb. Chemistry

2017 Combined Science Exam Paper

2016 Combined Science Exam Paper

2015 Combined Science Exam Paper

2014 Combined Science Exam Paper

2013 Combined Science Exam Paper

2012 Combined Science Exam Paper

2011 Combined Science Exam Paper

2010 Combined Science Exam Paper

2009 Combined Science Exam Paper

2008 Combined Science Exam Paper

Comb. Physics

2017 Combined Physics Exam Paper

2016 Combined Physics Exam Paper

2015 Combined Physics Exam Paper

2014 Combined Physics Exam Paper

2013 Combined Physics Exam Paper

2012 Combined Physics Exam Paper

2011 Combined Science Exam Paper

2010 Combined Science Exam Paper

2009 Combined Science Exam Paper

2008 Combined Science Exam Paper

Comb. Biology

2020 Admiralty C.Bio Paper

2020 AES C.Bio Paper

2020 Bedok Green C.Bio Paper

2020 Broadwick C.Bio Paper

2020 Fajar C.Bio Paper

2020 Pierce C.Bio Paper

2020 SKSS C.Bio Paper

2020 YCK C.Bio Paper



English Exam Practice 1

English Exam Practice 2

English Exam Practice 3

English Exam Practice 4

English Exam Practice 5

English Exam Practice 6

English Exam Practice 7

English Exam Practice 8

English Exam Practice 9

English Exam Practice 10

Pure Biology

2019 CHIJ SA1
2019 GESS SA1
2019 Kuo Chuan Presbyterian SA1
2019 St Anthony SA1
2020 Bedok Green SA2
2020 CCSS SA2
2020 Fuhua SA2
2020 Greenridge SA2
2020 SJI SA2
2020 West Spring SA2

Pure Chemistry

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Pure Physics

2019 Beatty SA1
2019 CHIJ SA1
2019 West Spring SA1
2019 Zhong Hua SA1
2020 AES SA2
2020 Bartley SA2
2020 Fajar SA2
2020 Ngee Ann SA2
2020 Punggol SA2
2020 St Patrick SA2




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Secondary 3 Prelim Papers


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Pure Chemistry

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Pure Biology

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Pure Physics

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Comb. Chemistry

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Comb. Biology

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Comb. Physics

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Secondary 2 Exam Papers


2017 SA1 BPS
2017 SA1 JWS
2017 SA1 JVS
2017 SA1 KRS
2017 SA1 WGS
2017 SA1 WS
2017 SA2 YCS
2017 SA2 FS
2017 SA2 FHS
2017 SA2 MS
2017 SA2 YHS


2018 Bukit View SA1
2018 CHIJ St Joseph SA1
2018 PHS SA1
2020 CCH SA2
2020 CHIJ St Theresa
2020 CHIJ Toa Payoh
2020 Fairfield Methodist SA2
2020 SJI SA2
2020 St Gabriel SA2
2020 St Hilda SA2
2017 ACSB
2017 BBS
2017 BMSS
2017 BVSS
2017 ST Theresas
2017 CCSS
2017 GESS
2017 Manjusri
2017 Meridian
2017 PRCS
2017 SG
2017 TKSS


2019 Canberra SA1
2019 East Spring SA1
2019 FuChun SA1
2019 Fuhua SA1
2020 AES SA2
2020 Broadrick SA2
2020 Pierce Sec SA2
2020 St Patrick SA2
2020 Tanglin SA2
2020 YCK SA2
2018 SA1 CC
2018 SA1 EV
2018 SA1 JY
2018 SA1 MS
2018 SA1 PRS
2018 SA2 BSS
2018 SA2 BVS
2018 SA2 FH
2018 SA2 HGS
2018 SA2 KCS
2018 SA2 TS
2018 SA2 ZHS

Secondary 1 Math Exam Papers


2017 Beaty SS Exam Paper
2017 Bendemeer SS Exam Paper
2017 BMSS Exam Paper
2017 STSS Exam Paper
2017 CCHS Exam Paper
2017 ESSS Exam Paper
2017 EVSS Exam Paper
2017 JYSS Exam Paper
2017 PRSS Exam Paper
2017 RSS Exam Paper
2017 SMSS Exam Paper
2017 SPSS Exam Paper


2020 ACS Exam Paper
2020 Broadrick Exam Paper
2020 Bukit Merah Exam Paper
2020 CHIJ Exam Paper
2020 Kranji Exam Paper
2020 Outram Exam Paper
2020 Peicai Exam Paper
2020 Queensway Exam Paper
2020 SJI Exam Paper
2020 Yuan Ching Exam Paper


2018 SA1 CHIJ
2018 SA1 ESS
2018 SA1 GESS
2018 SA1 PRC
2018 SA1 SG
2018 SA1 ZHS
2018 SA2 Bowen
2018 SA2 GM
2018 SA2 HYS
2018 SA2 CHIJ
2018 SA2 JYS
2018 SA2 KRS

Benefits of Doing Past Exam Papers

Familiarity with Different Exam Questions & Concepts

When preparing for exams, it is important to create a sense of familiarity with the exam content and question types. This can be achieved through doing past exam papers. By doing past exam papers, students gain valuable experience in answering different types of exam questions and they become more comfortable with the exam format and content, which can lead to improved results on test day. In addition, doing practice papers is an efficient way to identify areas of weakness so that further study can be targeted at those areas. Practice papers are therefore an essential part of any exam preparation strategy.

Sophia Education

Boosted Confidence During Real Examination

Sophia Education provides a range of resources to help students boost their confidence when preparing for exams. One of the most effective ways to do this is by doing practice exam papers. This allows students to familiarize themselves with the exam format and question types, as well as giving them a chance to identify any areas where they need to improve. Furthermore, by seeing how much progress they have made after doing a practice paper, students can feel more confident and motivated in their ability to do well in the actual exam.

Improve Time-Management

Sophia Education Tuition believes that by doing Practice Papers, students will learn how to better manage their time. Having to adhere to a time limit is one of the main differences between school and exams. Exams are about more than just the content - it is also about managing your time well. Doing practice papers allows students to identify their strengths and weaknesses in terms of time management, so that they can work on these areas before sitting for their actual exams.

3 Top Tips To Excel In Your Examinations with
Practice Past-Year Papers

Set a Time-Limit When Doing Practice Papers

One of Sophia Education's top tips to excel in your exam is to set a time limit when doing practice papers. This helps to focus the mind and avoid wasting time on questions that are not fully understood. Of course, it is important to make sure that the time limit is realistic and allows enough time to answer all the questions. However, by setting a time limit, Sophia Education argues that you are more likely to focus on the task at hand and achieve a better result. Try it next time you sit down to do a practice paper and see if it makes a difference!

Take Note Of Important Concepts and Compile Your Mistakes Into a Notebook

When it comes to exams, practice makes perfect. Be sure to give yourself enough time to review all of the material covered in class. Practice papers are a great way to get a feel for what will be on the test and identify any areas that you need to brush up on. Another good tip to excel in your exam is to take note of important concepts as you cover them in class. This will make it easier to review before the test and help you remember key information when you're under pressure. Finally, be sure to compile your mistakes into a notebook. This will help you avoid making the same mistakes on future exams. By following these simple tips, you'll be well on your way to acing your next test!

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