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Unlock Your Potential: Join Sophia Education
Your Path to Becoming a Super Tutor!

Apply Now: Email your University Certificate and A-Level Exam Grade Certificate to Please include your phone number so we can reach out directly for interview arrangements.

Are you a passionate and dedicated tutor looking for a rewarding career opportunity? Look no further than Sophia Education! We are actively seeking highly qualified tutors for tuition assignments island-wide. Here’s why Sophia Education should be your next career move:

1. Competitive Compensation:

  • Start with a competitive hourly rate of $55 for primary positions, with potential earnings of up to $250 per hour based on performance.
  • Full-time positions offer competitive base salaries and substantial performance-based bonuses, recognizing your commitment and excellence.

2. Supportive Environment:

  • Join an organization where tutors are valued and supported.
  • Benefit from a low turnover rate and a strong team spirit among our tutors.
  • Access a collaborative learning environment that fosters your professional growth.

3. Group Lessons:

  • Harness the power of group lessons to elevate student learning experiences.
  • Collaborate with fellow tutors, expand your knowledge, and increase your earnings.

4. Generous Benefits:

  • Utilize our dedicated admin team to handle inquiries and bookings.
  • Access our well-maintained online lesson admin support for parents and students.
  • Gain exclusive access to Sophia Education’s resources and materials.

5. Flexibility:

  • Enjoy flexible scheduling to seamlessly incorporate Sophia Education into your existing work commitments.

6. Tuition Subjects:

  • We offer tuition assignments across various subjects and levels, including JC, Secondary, IP, Primary, and PSLE.
  • Subjects encompass JC/Sec Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Science, English, and more.

7. Qualifications:

  • We hold our tutors to high standards.
  • Tutors must successfully complete an entrance exam aligned with their subject and level.
  • Requirements include a degree from prestigious institutions like NUS, NTU, SMU, or renowned overseas universities, along with private tutoring experience and strong A-Level Exam grades.

8. Career Growth:

  • At Sophia Education, you can achieve your career ambitions and impact the lives of hundreds of students by sharing your expertise.

9. Job Roles:

  • We offer both contract and full-time job roles to accommodate your preferences and commitments.

Join our team at Sophia Education, where excellence is recognized, and students thrive. We invite charismatic, motivated, and inspiring educators like you to become the next super tutor.

Apply Now: Email your University Certificate and A-Level Exam Grade Certificate to Please include your phone number so we can reach out directly for interview arrangements.

Take the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career with Sophia Education. Your journey to becoming a super tutor begins here!

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