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Tuition Assignments for Highly Qualified Tutors

Sophia Education tuition center is expanding and is currently short on tuition teachers for Primary, Secondary and JC Level. 

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Sophia education is serious about the qualification of all tutors and requires entrance exams.  When we decide to undertake this course, we always consider the qualification of the tutors and ensure that they meet our requirements. All our tutors will be required to take an entrance exam that is in line with what you would expect from the tuition subject/level you will teach.

Sophia Education offers higher pay than the market rate to secure and attract the best tutors in the market. We understand a good tutor is a valuable asset to any student and we go that extra mile in ensuring our tutors are properly compensated for their work. if you are confident of your expertise and experience as a private tutor, Sophia education is the best tuition center for you to achieve your career ambition and student’s satisfaction.

Besides a higher-than-market tuition salary, we offer first-class admin support for our tutors. This includes:

  • A dedicated admin team that will handle all inquiries and bookings
  • A well-maintained online lesson admin support for parents and students
  • Access to our exclusive Sophia Education resources and materials

In the past 10 years, tutors join Sophia Education hardly quite and they are so satisfied with our organization.  We also understand that many good tutors already have many years of experience and maybe currently teaching their own students. We provide flexibility in schedule for new tutors so that you can easily incorporate Sophia Education into your current schedule.

Tuition assignments we are looking for include subjects below:

  • JC Tuition, Secondary Tuition, IP Tuition, Primary Tuition, PSLE Tuition


Tuition and Tutor for the subject below:

  • Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science, English, General Paper, Economics



  • Degree Holder from NUS or Renowned Overseas Universities 

  • A minimum of 5 years teaching experience in Tuition or in Government Schools

  • Graduated from Top 5 JC’s with a minimum of 4 ‘A’s of H2 Subjects

  • Excellent teaching and communication skills

  • Charismatic and are able to motivate as well as inspire students

We would love to hear from you! We aim to allow you to share your approach and expertise with hundreds of students who need it. If you feel that you can provide an outstanding tutor experience and interested for tuition assignments, we would like to offer you the chance to join us your team and be the next super tutor.  Please fill in the form at: https://forms.clickup.com/f/rc53h-1565/VHLPQKFTQH5S8D5U0X. We would love to hear from you!

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