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7 Reasons To Learn Economics in JC

7 Reasons To Learn Economics in JC

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The majority of JC students opt for the subject of ‘PCME’ without any thought. The letter “E” stands for Economics. In fact, it is among the most frequently studied topics in the classes that JC students in Singapore choose to study in the A-levels.

7 Reasons To Learn Economics in JC

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What’s the issue?

The issue is that students aren’t able to think about whether the subjects they’re pursuing are appropriate for them. The majority of students don’t know they have the option of choosing a different humanities course, such as History as well as the higher level of Mother Tongue. In this post, I’ll go over the advantages of studying Economics at JC to ensure that you can determine on your own if this is the right course for you.

What is Economics?

The majority of people think that the field of economics is only about money. But, the truth is that economics is so much more than it! Economic studies are the research of the way society allocates its limited resources. It all starts with the basic notion of endless desires chasing scarce resources.

Through studying JC Economics, you will be introduced to concepts like “demand and supply” as well as the “invisible hand” and ” supply and demand” that aid in understanding how nations are allocated resources, and the reasons why certain nations are doing better than others.

The reasons to take a course in JC economics

1) Expand your vocabulary

Have you ever sat on CNN or CNBC and heard the words “opportunity cost”? Those who have not learned Economics, They’ll likely be scratching their heads over what the newscaster is talking about. Learning Economics in JC allows you to broaden your financial vocabulary, as you are introduced to terms such as Monopolistic competition as well as allocative efficiency.

In your early years, the terms might seem insignificant, However, as you get old, the terms become the foundation of a lot of discussions with your friends and family, and understanding them becomes a must. When you are able to understand the latest financial terminology, your comprehension of the economic system improves and this is valuable in many areas. The saying goes that “The more you learn, the more you earn”.

2) Easier Path to Finance-related Degrees

Are you interested in learning Business or Economics at the university? Many of these finance-related classes require an excellent JC economics base. It’s not only for the purpose of obtaining a qualification. The speedy nature of the curriculum at universities and the need for a solid understanding of economics prior to taking any finance-related course will go a long way in helping make your college time easier.

Additionally, you could be eligible to skip an introductory economics course at university when you’ve got an acceptable grade in your economics A-levels! Are you wondering what a finance-related education brings? Continue reading to discover!

3) Let your doors open to many lucrative jobs

A degree in finance can prove to be extremely rewarding since it opens many possibilities for profitable jobs like financial planners, investment analysts or economists. They are able to earn six figures in annual incomes.

In order to be eligible for these lucrative jobs, One of the requirements is having solid economic knowledge. JC is the ideal time to begin building your financial knowledge. Here’s a suggestion: Start studying financial blogs such as CNBC and CNBC and articles to determine whether your interest lies in the finance industry. If so, begin to plan ahead!

7 Reasons To Learn Economics in JC

4) Get Better at Investing

The well-known investor Warren Buffet said, “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” With the rise of inflation and near-zero bank interest rates, everyone nowadays is aware of how important it is to invest as well as how this can turn into a new source of income. However, as the saying goes, you first learn, and then you take off”L “L”.

A solid economics education will give you the information you need to build an enlightened foundation. It will also aid you in selecting the most suitable investment options as you begin investing in the near future. For instance, economics can explain the ways that tax reductions or the rate at which interest is charged will impact the company you’re investing in. Therefore, economics can aid you on your way to being financially secure earlier than your counterparts.

5) Start Your Own Business

JC economics covers a variety of important economic concepts, including market structure, demand, and application, as well as price elasticity. Knowing these concepts will assist you tremendously in the decisions you’ll be taking when running your own company in the coming years.

6) Decision-Making in Your Daily Life

The economy affects our lives daily and almost every decision we make about life, our leisure, how much we can save, and more. This is why I am a huge fan of economics since it explains how the world functions as nearly everything is tied to money.

From the simplest concepts, such as being aware of the importance of cost and the impact it has on each decision we make to the use of the gross domestic product (GDP) to gauge the growth of our economy. It is only through learning economics that you’ll begin to comprehend these concepts.

7 Reasons To Learn Economics in JC

7.) Economics can be quite fun as well!

Even with all the advantages of studying economics, it is possible to find the subject boring and boring. So, let me tell you some amazing economic facts to make things more interesting! By spending just $1, and increasing it every day within 48 days, you’ll be able to have around $200,000,000,000! A recession is a common occurrence each 10 to 15 years.

His net worth has been higher than the total GDP of 130 nations. This is fascinating, isn’t it? When you incorporate the concepts of economics and make them applicable to everyday life it becomes quite interesting!


I hope that this article made you realize that JC Economics is an extremely enjoyable subject and can be the basis for your future success across many fields! It is a subject that should make you excited to get the subject!

If you’re looking for that extra advantage over your classmates and to achieve that sought-after “A” grade with ease Why not seek out additional assistance by hiring an Economics tutor right now?

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